St Mary Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting held Thursday, June 16 at 6:30 pm.

Present: Amy Blanchard, Dennis Crawford, Shane Hart, Scott Herbers, Wendy Kramer, Marsha Maschmann, Linda Ollinger, Chris Zug, Sam Peiffer, Fr. Scott Foley,

Not Present:  Lynn Cavanagh, Vicki Nolton, Sharon Mealey, Steve Bernemann, John Grennan, Crystal DeNeve, Joe Bagnoli, John Osborne, Danielle Lussier, Mark Godar, Charles Willenbring

Opening prayer by Dennis Crawford

Welcome New Members:  Scot Wilson, Sam Peiffer, and Scott Collings are the newly elected members.  Scot Wilson stopped in to meet the council and Sam was able to join the meeting partway through the agenda.  Dennis noted the election results were not published in the bulletin, though results were included in the parish email.  Amy will circle back with Jay to include the results in the bulletin this weekend.

Review and Approve Minutes from May 12:  Motion by Shane to approve the minutes, second by Scott H.  All ayes, motion carried.

Continuing Business: Danielle Lussier sent her report in advance of the meeting. A total of 6 individuals expressed interest in the position. Two of the six were from outside the U.S. and were not considered.  Another candidate withdrew their application.  Scott Herbers, Francesca Cunningham, and Danielle conducted virtual interviews with the remaining three and were unanimous in their recommendations to Fr. Scott, who also interviewed the top candidate. The candidate best suited for the position is requesting fewer hours than the current director position. The hiring committee is recommending the finance council develop a salary with the estimate of 25 hours of work per week.  To fill gaps left with the redesigned job requirements, it is imperative to fill current commissions and committees with leadership to determine how the parish will move forward.  One recommendation is to create a part-time position of “Youth Activities Coordinator for grades 7-12” that would collaborate with and support the Director of Faith Formation and Faith Formation Commission to organize youth activities for middle and high school students, assist with youth fundraisers, and chaperone middle and high school recreational, fellowship, and service events.  Adult Faith Formation opportunities and ad-hoc stewardship tasks may be led by commissions instead of new staff members.  Amy is seeking members for the Faith Formation Commission.  Fr. Scott indicated he has some candidate suggestions.  Planning continues for Crystal’s retirement party on Sunday, June 26.  Linda, Marsha, and Francesca have planned a lovely party and all parishioners are encouraged to attend.  Volunteers are still needed to help the event run smoothly.

New Business: Amy encouraged all council members to submit a family picture and fun fact to the Stewardship committee for inclusion on the One Spirit, One Body display in the upper gathering space.  All parishioners are encouraged to participate. Amy encouraged the council to review the Diocesan Synod results summary recently published in The Messenger and on the Diocesan website.  Officers were elected for 2022-23.  A slate of Linda as president, Chris as vice-president, and Vicki as secretary was proposed from the floor.  Motion by Dennis to elect the slate as presented, second by Shane.  Motion passed unanimously.

Finance Council Report:  No report.

Commission and Chair Reports: 

Worship & Spirituality:  The commission met June 9th. Altar server training has been scheduled for 9 a.m. on June 18th & 25th. Marianne Agnoli with the diocese will soon be providing liturgy planning material for the diocesan 50th wedding anniversary Mass to be hosted by St. Mary, Grinnell on October 23rd. The parish council will need to keep the reception portion of this event on their radar. Mass for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be offered on August 15th at 5:30 p.m. Commission members were encouraged to submit a photo for the “One Spirit, One Body” display. Our next meeting will be August 11th.

Faith Formation:  No report.

Parish Life:  No Report.

Social Action:  No report. The next meeting is scheduled for August 4th.

Building & Grounds Committee:  The committee met June 14th. Work on the bell tower has been completed. Tuck pointing is completed and water damage to brick and limestone blocks has been repaired. Clay roof tiles damaged by wind in December have been replaced. Repair costs were substantially under what was anticipated. Father Scott reported that some lighter weight round tables have been purchased, some 5ft in diameter and some 4ft in diameter. Storage and transport racks have also been purchased. Parking lot striping and handicapped stall designation has been completed. Committee discussed additional projects to consider that will enhance the exterior appearance around the church property such as privacy fencing to hide utility mechanicals. The committee will meet again July 12.

Stewardship:  Wendy encouraged parishioners to submit photos for One Spirit, One Body display.  Commission is seeking more participants on the commission and guidance from Fr. Scott about future projects.

Knights of Columbus ReportNo report.

Staff Reports:  Jay’s submitted report included an update on the data migration in the new parish management software, ParishStaq.  All parishioners are encouraged to watch their email and complete the online giving change prior to June 30th. The Diocesan online payroll system is changing which will require new training for Jay in Davenport.  Jay is assisting with media for Crystal’s farewell.

Pastor’s Report: no report.

Adjournment:  The next meeting will be August 18 at 6:30 pm.  Shane will lead the opening prayer.  Fr. Scott will lead the closing prayer.  Many thanks to Lynn and Marsha for taking the minutes this evening. The meeting was closed with prayer by Chris and adjourned at 7:35 pm.