Greetings, my name is Ryan Gruman. I have been active at St. Mary’s since my family moved to Grinnell in 2015. You’ve probably seen me cantor, play my horn before Mass, altar serve, or serve as a member of the Knights of Columbus. I’m a missionary with FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, the largest Catholic collegiate missionary organization in the country.

As a FOCUS missionary, I am trained in outreach and evangelization to bring Christ into a student’s world. When students go off to college, they leave behind their family and its support. FOCUS sends out missionaries to meet students where they are – in the gym, the cafeteria and coffee shops, at athletic and Greek events. 


I decided to become a missionary after my own struggles with perfectionism, isolation, shame, and fear in high school and college. Things other than God were in the center of my life and it led me to a spiritual emptiness. The FOCUS missionaries on campus modeled and led me to what it looks to live an authentic adult Catholic life through prayer, the sacraments, fellowship, and the teachings of the Church. Because of them, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I felt moved to serve others who share a similar story as me.


Currently, I am seeking people interested in joining a partnership with me. I am asking you to consider becoming a monthly Mission Partner. In order to do this mission, I need to build a support team of faithful financial and prayer supporters who will join me on mission through their generous support.


If you are reading this, think about your loved ones who have left, or if something about college students coming alive in their faith resonates with you, I would love to set up an individual appointment to visit with you soon.


Click HERE to fill out a contact form, where we can set up a time that is convenient for you to share my mission with FOCUS, or if you have questions, you can send me an email at . Either way is great!

Lastly, feel free to give me a call on my cell at 641-832-7689.

I look forward to hearing from YOU!


God Bless,

Ryan Gruman