Once a child is in at least 2nd grade a Baptismal record for the child preparing is on file here at St. Mary Grinnell.

  • The child attends Mass weekly.
  • Will commit to actively participate in our Family Faith Formation program this year.
  • And the family will participate in the Sacramental preparation process, outlined below.

Parents and children will do activities together and be assigned simple tasks to complete at home. It is expected that at least one parent attends the preparations listed below. A survey was sent out during the summer asking for preferences of dates and times. We are honoring the preferences indicated in the schedule below.

Registration for the preparation for these Sacraments will be available online Monday, September 13th. There will be a cost of $5 for each of the Sacraments (for a total of $10 for both). Once the registration is available we would like to have it completed by Sunday, September 26, in order to insure sufficient materials.

While there are a few changes this year, we are pleased to say our Catechists for these Sacramental preparations will continue to be Sandra Gruman and Nikki Barr.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me on my cell phone 319-430-1065 or via email at

In Christ’s Love,
Crystal DeNeve